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  About Dental Surgery Vacations And Their Companies

The parent company of Dental Surgery Vacations was established in 1995 and is based in Phoenix, Arizona (USA). During these ten plus years they have grown to become a world leader for foreign tours and singles vacation packages for single men. Currently, there are nearly 100 employees throughout proprietary offices in more than 20 cities in seven countries from Europe to South America. Service and satisfaction has been the cornerstone of their outstanding success.

Through their flagship service, A Foreign Affair, they have successfully served clients from all over the world numbering into the tens of thousands. It was a natural progression adding the dental surgery and treatment alternatives (as well as others) to our singles vacation packages. This was not, however, done lightly. Adding these dental health alternatives was the result of hundreds of hours of hard work, research, a multitude of talented people, and a goal of providing a service that could not be equaled by any other company in the world. And this has now become a reality.

The people behind Dental Surgery & Romance Vacations honestly believe that the most important feature in this service oriented business is TRUST. Every person, men or women, who come in contact with the firm, or utilizes their services, must be able to trust they are dealing with a company that has a solid and proven reputation. That responsibility is understood and they feel certain that your confidence can be gained quickly as you use and become familiar with the company and staff. If you ever have any problems or concerns with any aspect of our product, staff or services - contact Dental Surgery Vacations today ! They are firmly committed to service and your ultimate satisfaction.

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