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Cosmetic Dental Surgery Treatments & Alternatives

There is a large variety of dental surgery and care treatments available to you at any given foreign destination. We speak in general terms here but there are qualified professionals in these all of these countries readily available for any specific need. Since Dental Surgery Vacations maintains their own proprietary staff in each foreign city, directly on their payroll, you can be assured that every dental care provider has been investigated for ability and integrity. You will often have several choices of dental professionals and plans to fully explore for any given surgery or treatment and our staff is there to transport, translate (as needed) and assist you through the entire process during your singles vacation and dental health tour.

With all of the above in mind, here is a brief list of the types of dental surgery and treatment alternatives that we can offer with complete confidence in a wide selection of foreign destinations:

Dental Surgery Alternatives

For all types of dental issues including: dental implants; gum disease treatments - gum lifts; dental crowns and bridges; dentures and denture replacements; full mouth restoration surgery; cosmetic orthodontics; whitening and porcelain veneers; and nearly any other dental care or surgery procedures.

Please contact us to discuss your specific dental needs as well as travel destination alternatives and singles opportunities.

“The staff is open, supportive, knowledgeable, and helpful. They did everything in their power to make the trip a success for everyone.”

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